Kina can share her message in-person or remotely. Find out more about her Virtual Training Meetings!

Conference Presenter

As a conference speaker, Kina has continued to engage audiences with her presentation. Sharing her story about the day life changed forever due to a job-related accident. Attendees have found Kina very approachable and relatable. She puts a great deal of thought into every presentation.

Safety is very personal to Kina; enthusiasm and energy make this very apparent. Kina is dedicated to promoting workplace safety through her intense and personal conference presentations. Her message will inspire attendees and captivate the audience. Kina’s professional conference speaking and presentation speeches can:

  • Capture an audiences’ attention
  • Show audiences how to turn adversity into positive energy and success
  • Spread a message of resilience and optimism
  • Inspire and motivate audiences


Kina’s message is about encouraging workplace safety and personal responsibility.

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Kina is presenting live to audiences around the world with her Virtual Training Meetings.

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Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Although she had lost her arm due to an accident, she didn’t lose her incredible zest of life.
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As a conference speaker, Kina continues to engage audiences with her presentation.

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Educational Speaker

Kina has a substantial and unique opportunity to teach workers about building a safety consciousness.
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Keynote Speaker

Kina is frequently a Keynote Speaker at conferences and events. Kina is dedicated to promoting wo…

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