Kina is still sharing her message during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about her Virtual Training Meetings!

About Kina

Kina was raised as the daughter of a lumberjack, along with her brother and sister. They didn’t have a lot growing up, so Kina always had her sights set to go to college and become a dentist. After high school, Kina went to a university in her state, excited about her future as a dentist! Unfortunately, that future did not work out.

Kina feels today that she has a clear purpose for her life. Her purpose is you. She loves traveling the country and sharing her story about the tragic day that her life almost ended. She knows that people personally connect with parts of her story because she truly speaks to her audience in such a vulnerable and personal way. Your safety is personal. It is about you going home safe every day.


Where It Started

Kina did get a degree in education, which she used for nine years while she homeschooled her children. She then taught in the public school system for five years.

One of her students’ parents asked if Kina could share her story with his employees. Kina agreed and shared a 15-minute version of her now 50-minute presentation. The company was so happy with her presentation they asked if she would travel to all 12 of their locations. Kina knew this is what she was meant to do at that moment. This was her purpose, her path, her way to use this horrible injury to help others.

After that, Kina started her speaking career. Every day Kina is so grateful for the opportunity to talk. Every day she is thankful to have such a clear path and purpose.

Kina’s Family

Kina is married and has a blended family of five boys and one girl. Her husband travels with Kina as often as he can. He addresses the leadership side of safety. Together they make a fantastic team. They live in the mountains of Eastern Washington and enjoy their family and outdoor activities year-round.