Kina is still sharing her message during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about her Virtual Training Meetings!



Kina Hart’s presentation is available to be streamed in English on-demand or on DVD in Spanish. The multimedia production has a 30-minute run time. This video is an excellent complement to any safety multimedia collection.

You can use the presentations for safety meetings, new hires, or employees who missed Kina’s live presentation. It is not meant to replace Kina’s live appearance, but it is a cost-effective way to bring her emotional and moving story into your workplace on a limited budget.

Kina’s message combines her gripping story’s seriousness with a unique blend of humor that will educate and inspire your workers. Her commitment to safety and her ability to drive home the point that accidents impact everyone’s lives around a victim have been well received all over the country.

English presentations can be viewed on-demand

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We will never forget your resilience, bravery, intelligence, sense of humor and devotion to safety.” – Derrick

With incredible effect, Kina’s DVD presentation “Surviving and Thriving” will captivate your employees and reinforce your company’s safety message uniquely and unforgettably. No one else can deliver this tough message with the grace and heart of Kina. Encourage and inform your workers today!” – Vennessa



Kina Hart will be soon be selling posters. We expect these safety products to be ready for sale soon. If you are interested in pre-orders, contact us!

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Highlight Video

This video clip shares a little about her story and gives a sample of her speaking.